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Pet X-Ray and Imaging in Huapai

A passionate vet clinic that cares for your beloved pets. Huapai Vet services include x-ray for dogs, cats, and other pets. We make full use of the technology to get clear images of what’s inside your pet.

At Huapai Vet, we’ve the latest x-ray equipment and an automatic processor to take accurate x-rays quickly and efficiently. In addition, we’ve a team of experienced local vets like Dr Gary Duggal – who has 20 years of experience in the industry – to treat your pet with compassion and the utmost care.


Our expert pet surgical services include

The Importance of Pet Digital X-Ray

X-radiation, most popularly known as x-rays, is a type of radiation that helps understand what’s inside an individual. For example, an x-ray for a cat provides information about its skeletal structure, lungs, genitourinary system, and heart.

Pet x-ray is useful in determining causes of conditions like fractures, bone cancer, bladder stones, persistent cough, sore joints, and stomach. Using x-rays, vets identify bone abnormalities and problems with internal organs and even soft tissues.


Why Huapai Vet for Pet Ultrasound and X-Rays

X-ray is important in knowing the internal condition of pets, and it is why only an experienced vet should handle it. We are a passionate vet clinic in Huapai that provides the best quality care and service with an aim to keep pets happy and healthy.

For veterinarian x-ray, we make use of a digital processor for generating x-ray images. It is an extremely detailed procedure that helps get detailed views of what’s inside your pet. We use the most advanced machines for plain and contrast format x-rays to take a careful look at the internal structure and soft tissues in the pet’s body.

Using radiology, we take a quick look at your potential internal diseases or orthopaedic issues like fractures in your pet.

Specialist Imaging Referral Service for Pets

Apart from puppy x rays, our services include referral for specialist imaging service. We’ve access to sources where we get Computer Assisted Tomography (CAT or CT) scans.

We understand that these are critical procedures that need to be carried out carefully. So, we only have experienced and licensed vets who are trained to perform ultrasound MRI scan or CT scan while ensuring the safety of your pet.

Ultrasound, MRI or CT scans help to get the detailed diagnosis of the problems of soft tissues which can not be diagnosed with x-rays.


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We believe in providing the best pet dental care to ensure the healthy life of your furry friend. From x-rays to desexing and dental care, Huapai Vet has all types of pet care services that your pet may need.

Apart from that, you can visit our clinic for regular vet check-ups. Our consultation services include general advice, pre-purchase examination, medical examination & treatment, advice on pet behaviour, microchipping, diet tips, and more.

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